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For homeowners who want to take house repairs and maintenance off their plates entirely, TruBlue West Houston offers House Care Plus, a monthly (no contract, cancel anytime) house care program, enabling homeowners to design a menu of scheduled services to maximize the value and functionality of their homes. Homeowners choose services based on their individual needs such as scheduled replacement of air conditioning filters, water filters, hard to reach light bulbs, smoke detector and alarm panel batteries, drier vent cleaning and more. We provide preventative maintenance geared toward avoiding costlier repairs down the road, seasonally appropriate inspection items, maid and cleaning, landscape design and maintenance, power washing, leaf removal and more. While these services are great for anyone, they are especially helpful for busy families running from school to jobs to aftercare to sporting events, as well as, older residents who want to continue to live in their familiar and comfortable home and for those caring for family members.