Does Your Business Need A Sales Force?

River Oaks Networking was created to extend your sales reach without adding the personnel cost. Learn the power of referral marketing. Our team of business professionals are your eyes and ears in the marketplace. They are interacting everyday with potential clients and customers that your business could be servicing.

We were created to help our members increase sales and grow their business through a tried and true sales referral process. In the competitive environment that exists in the business world today you need the proper networking structure to stay in business. Check us out - its like having dozens of sales people working for you.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

We meet twice a month, the first Tuesday and third Tuesdays at 11am for a meeting that allows you to talk and let members know what you are looking for in referrals. You get the opportunity to learn about your fellow members’ business and what they are looking for in referrals.

Check Us Out

Want to learn more about River Oaks Networking Group? Call or fill out the form and we will contact you and answer all your questions. Put dollars were they belong - IN YOUR POCKET!

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